Why ABK?

  1. Loyal Companions: Home-raised with attentive care, our XL American Bullies develop unwavering loyalty and affection for their families, creating devoted and loving relationships.
  2. Strong Protectors: Professionally trained to be courageous protectors, our Bullies balance strength with control, offering a reassuring sense of security without unnecessary aggression.
  3. Gentle with Family: Our gentle approach to home raising ensures that our Bullies are patient and loving with children and family members, forging heartwarming connections.
  4. Adaptable to Your Lifestyle: Whether in the city or countryside, our Bullies adapt to your way of life. Our home raising process emphasizes socialization, making them well-suited for various living environments.
  5. Intelligent and Trainable: The intelligence of our Bullies, coupled with professional training and positive reinforcement techniques, leads to success in obedience and potential for engaging in dog sports.
  6. Robust Health: By focusing on their genetic makeup, we ensure robust health. Our XL American Bullies benefit from thorough screenings, quality nutrition, and loving care to ensure a long, joyful life. All our dogs are DNA Tested, with OFA Hip and OFA Elbow Certification (i.e amazing health and genetics).
  7. A Community Experience: Choosing a home-raised XL American Bully from Au Bully Kennel connects you to a community that values the extraordinary attributes of these magnificent dogs.

At Au Bully Kennel, our unique combination of home raising, professional training, and careful consideration of genetic makeup creates more than just pets; we craft lifelong family members that embody the excellence of the XL American Bully breed. Our unwavering commitment to quality, love, and the well-being of each pup shines through in all we do.