ABK's Baby

  • Over 5 years of Registered Pedigree
  • 100% U.S Imported Bloodline
  • DNA Cleared
  • XL American Bully in Australia

The easiest way to describe Baby is, ANGEL. She is an extremely loving, patient, loyal and caring dog. If your ever sad she will come and try shake your hand.

Baby has a great emotional intelligence and training was very easy and straightforward with her. Most of her training was complete by the age of 10 weeks.

Baby is also very athletic, strong and great to play with. She loves playing fetch with anything you could throw. Her favourite past times are tug of war and tanning

Baby has some very impressive Bossy Kennels females in her bloodline. Including one of our favourites Bossy's Amber Rose.

Weight: 84 Pounds

Head Size: 21.5" Neck Size: 19"

Age: 1 Year 11 Months

Colour: Lilac-Tri

ABK's Blue

  • Over 4 years of Registered Pedigree
  • DNA Cleared
  • 23.6" Head Size
  • 22.4" Neck
  • XL American Bully in Australia

Big Blue girl is our XXL sized American Bully. She is one giant sized Bully, with a monster sized head and neck.

This big cutie loves going for walks and competing with her big sister in anything she can.

She is a very vocal bully, loves to talk and has a very loving personality, always lying at your feet, shaking hands and giving cuddles.

Blue loves the water and thankfully a great swimmer. She will literally swim for hours and is very graceful in the water.

Blue is also a very natural protector and is a great dog to trust to look after your family and kids.

Weight: 107 Pounds

Head Size: 23.6" Neck Size: 22.4"

Age: 18 Months

Colour: Blue-Tri