Loki the half XL Bully and Half Bear. His temperament and structure is second to none world wide.

Weight: 120 Pounds

Head Size: 27" Neck Size: 26.5"

Age: 3 Years

Colour: Lilac-Tri

A1 Kennel's SMASH

The chest and shoulders on Smash is the beginning of the future within the breed. His structure is second to none. We are using him as a foundational stud in the program.

Weight: 115 Pounds

Head Size: 25" Neck Size: 26"

Age: 18 Months

Colour: Lilac-Tri

BOSSY Kennel's Behemoth

This guy is from the most famous XL Bully stud ever, Bossy's Mr Goodbar and now he is taking over.

Weight: 130 Pounds Age: 1 year 6 months old Colour: Chocolate-Tri